A torn-off door on an Alaska Airlines flight: with Kayak, you can now rule out travel on the Boeing 737 MAX

A torn-off door on an Alaska Airlines flight: with Kayak, you can now rule out travel on the Boeing 737 MAX

Boeing is definitely in turmoil at the start of the year. This was mainly due to a major incident that occurred on January 6th during an Alaska Airlines flight. Shortly after take-off, the doors of the Boeing 737 Max were torn off and the passengers were scared to death. The 737 MAX 9’s two biggest customers, United Airlines and Alaska Airlines, each disclosed that they discovered a poorly secured device on some of their devices. This led to an investigation by the US Civil Aviation Regulatory Agency (FAA). But these repeated problems of Boeing are starting to scare travelers.

It’s now actually possible to rule out trips on the Boeing 737 Max on online flight comparator Kayak, spotted Parisian. More precisely, it is possible types of filter equipment and therefore exclude the Boeing 737 Max 9 and Boeing 737 Max 8 from the search. In fact, filtering by aircraft models has been in place on the platform for four years. But Kayak clarified the criteria. The first modification refers to the fact of being able exclude two 737 Max models. Because if the Boeing 737 Max 9s were grounded, the Max 8s are still flying.

The demand for filters, associated with the 737 Max, multiplied by fifteen

The second news is that this type of filter has been placed on the home page of the comparator, “to make it more visible to passengers”, we explain from Kayak. When asked by the US website 404Media, the flight comparison service explains that since the incident, it has seen a fifteen-fold increase in the number of users filtering Boeing 737 Max flights. This is confirmed by a company representative Parisianwhen we talk about “remarkable difference” since the incident. So this criterion would now be “at the moment in the center of interest of travelers”.


Boeing: amid crisis, company announces record orders

Because United Airlines and Alaska Airlines are not they are not the only ones operating flights with the Boeing 737 Max. American Airlines has around a hundred Max 8s, Ryanair more than a hundred, Southwest Airlines more than two hundred and thirty, Turkish Airlines and Air Canada fifty each. Investigators from the FAA and the US Transportation Safety Agency are now questioning whether there were quality control failures. Recently, a Boeing 747-8 had to make an emergency landing in Miami after an engine problem caused a fire mid-flight. And in Japan, an All Nippon Airways Boeing 737-800 returned to its departure point on Saturday after discovering a crack in the cockpit window. In the past, two crashes (2018 and 2019) involved Boeing 737 Max aircraft.

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