Accelerated construction training: between hope and frustration

Accelerated construction training: between hope and frustration

A training program launched by the Legault government to address a construction labor shortage is generating unexpected enthusiasm in Quebec. However, some condemn the hasty and inadequate measures.

At the Professional Training Center (CFP) Grand-Fjord in Saguenay, success can be heard.

The plumbing program there has been rather dying in recent years. Applications for the Diploma in Professional Studies (DEP) fell so low that the course was canceled last session.

We had a solid team that just asked to have studentsexplains director Dominic Boily. We were constantly getting calls from employers saying, “Listen, do you have the labor? We need the labor.”

Then, the day after the government’s announcement in October, it started raining on female candidates. While Quebec wanted to train 4,000 to 5,000 construction workers, nearly 47,000 applications were submitted across Quebec.

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