Archive |  Airbnb, hotelier in sight

Archive | Airbnb, hotelier in sight

Since when are Airbnb-style short-term rentals a concern? Our archives show us that in Quebec, it was the tourist lodges in the Old Capital that first sounded the alarm.

Illegal accommodation is becoming more widespread hereannounces host Philippe Schnobb on TV news dated November 29, 2006. A phenomenon that deprives hoteliers in the province of roughly thirty million dollars a year.

Téléjournal, 29 November 2006

Journalist Philippe Leblanc reports on the situation in Quebec. In this highly touristic region, lodge and inn owners are calling for unfair competition.

In addition to legal accommodation services, some facilities offer tourists accommodation in guesthouses or apartments.

There are also online platforms that allow you to rent accommodation by the day and not by the month, which is prohibited by law unless you have a permit.

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