Coinbase (COIN): Cathie Wood collects $25 million by the start of the year

Coinbase (COIN): Cathie Wood collects $25 million by the start of the year

Just a normal Wednesday. The amounts managed by these big investment funds are bound to make small investors like us dizzy, but to these Wall Street giants, millions of dollars is just chump change! Ark Invest is one of those important players who juggle billions and regularly buy or sell stocks to balance their accounts and make profits. At the moment, thanks to the price increase, Cathie Wood is still selling and selling Coinbase shares, but don’t panic, she has enough left!

Ark Invest is taking profits after BTC’s recent surge

Among the three funds that own shares of Coinbase (COIN) are two that announced yesterday, Wednesday, that they sold several thousand units of COIN. First and foremost, it’s an ETF ARK innovation who sold 145,048 shares and the ARK ETF The next generation who sold 21,135 shares.

At market prices this represents the sum 25.3 million dollars. But as we reminded you in this article published a month ago, Ark Invest and its teams still have more thanbillion COINSso this is not a massive sell off, just profit taking after last year’s cheap buy.

You shouldn’t always look for crypto-specific reasons to explain the purchases or sales of these large funds exposed to the sector. Spot Bitcoin ETFs certainly lead to speculation and (slightly) price panic, but for Cathie Wood, it’s a matter of time and portfolio management over several months.

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