Coinmiles - Shop online and get Bitcoin cashback

Coinmiles – Shop online and get Bitcoin cashback

Collect Bitcoins with Coinmiles – Up until now, shopping online has simply been a classic way of spending money. Yet another model is possible thanks to innovative solutions such as THE cashbackvery popular in the Web2 ecosystem. Coinmiles offers a Web3 mutation of this concept, the principle of which is based on the redistribution of commissions associated with each purchase, but this time… in bitcoins! Let’s find out together Coinmiles, app Ios and Android, allowing you to accumulate hundreds of euros in bitcoins during your online purchases or your travel expenses.

Le Journal du Coin brings you this promotional article in collaboration with Coinmiles.

Cashback, a business practice supported by blockchain technology

The Quebec company Coinmiles has been in existence since 2021. Its activity in France is currently focused exclusively on Online shopping. A procedure that is becoming more and more popular among Internet users. Last year, it had a turnover of 146.9 billion euros, an increase of 13.8% compared to 2021 according to official numbers. However, there are few concrete solutions to reward customers for this daily act of increasing commitment.

So are the purchases meant to remain transactions recorded as negative on the bank statement? A question that takes on its full meaning at the moment when inflation causes prices to explode in all industries. This is why Coinmiles has developed a service that is simple and very profitable for consumers.

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Coinmiles – Collect Bitcoins when you shop

Recipe: Get Bitcoin discounts on everyday purchases and “everything you need”. Because there is no shortage of partners in this innovative initiative. We can find, for example, the hotel reservation agencies and Expedia. No, you can’t dream!

Good news, Coinmiles recently launched a feature that will allow you to earn lots and lots and lots of Bitcoin rewards on your next trip. So you can have it both ways..”

The Coinmiles team

And to take advantage of this specialized offer, nothing could be easier. Simply download the app (available on iOS and Android from your mobile) and activate the offer from the selected partner (for example before making the reservation. You will be redirected to the website and automatically receive bitcoin discounts in the app, in addition of your traditional loyalty points. You can also book a hotel room directly through the Travel feature of the app offers up to 25% discount in bitcoins.

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In addition to travel sites, Coinmiles also offers bitcoin discounts with several other reputable partners such as Ebay, Microsoft + Xbox, Nike, AliExpress and more.

In short, Coinmiles lets you do just that earn bitcoins easily when buying online clothes, sports equipment, electronics, cosmetics or even travel. And new deals are constantly being added to this ever-evolving catalog!

But how is it possible to earn bitcoins by shopping online? A legitimate question, because this innovative option does not fall within the framework of the classic shopping journey. However, the solution developed by Coinmiles is very simple. in fact it is redistribute part of the commissions in bitcoins paid by its partners.

It’s actually very simple: our partners pay us a commission when you shop with them after we redirect you to their website. We will then share this commission with you and use it to buy bitcoins to put into your wallet.”

Dave Pouliot, Founder and CEO of Coinmiles

Simply put, when you on a brand’s offer, you are automatically redirected to its website. From there, just select and purchase item eligible for Coinmiles cashback …and most are. Finally, Coinmiles credits your Bitcoins to your account within “a few minutes to 7 days” after your purchase is confirmed. It’s so simple!

Coinmiles fits very clearly into the Web3 vision with this service of rewarding customers for their online shopping transactions. Each link in this digital chain thus benefits from the benefits obtained. So if you’re not already a member of Coinmiles and don’t mind the idea of ​​accumulating bitcoins while shopping online, you can create an account in less than a minute. Simply download the mobile app (android or ios) via our referral link. This will give you 25,000 satoshi (a fraction of a bitcoin worth a few euros at the time of writing) for free. And that’s just the beginning…

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