Crypto airdrop: Seamless distributes its SEAM token on Coinbase

Crypto airdrop: Seamless distributes its SEAM token on Coinbase

Wild Paratroopers appear – August 9 Coinbase has opened the door to its second layer base developed on Ethereum. Since then, many protocols have been installed, bringing the total TVL from the base to 364 million dollars. A number that could continue to increase arrival of the landing party on the base network.

Seamless distributes its SEAM token via airdrop

Seamless is a decentralized financial protocol developed on Base. This is a borrowing protocol based on Aave v3 code. It also allows you to store or lend cryptocurrencies in a decentralized manner.

On December 11, the protocol announced the launch of SEAM, its governance token. In practice, SEAM is launched as part of a fair launch, landing on addresses that contributed to the success of the protocol.

Seamless announces the landing on the Base

Thus, liquidity providers, savers, borrowers and other active contributors were rewarded. In fact, Seamless launched a points programcalled ” OG points ». These could be collected by protocol users. Now they allow the allocation of each user to be quantified as part of the airdrop.

In total, the token has a supply 100 million SEAM, of which 69% will be allocated to the community. From now, users have 3 months to claim their airdrop.

At the same time, the protocol also set up a campaign on liquidity mining. This allows current Seamless users to obtain SEAM by providing liquidity on the protocol.

“It’s about rewarding users who provide liquidity or perform other useful tasks within the ecosystem. In the case of Seamless, this means that users will earn increased rewards, simply by giving and/or lending tokens on Seamless! »

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SEAM Token added to Coinbase

Coinbase intends to support its emerging ecosystem. Coinbase therefore performed concurrently with the launch of the SEAM token notification her In addition to its Coinbase and Coinbase Exchange platforms.

Coinbase Announces Support for SEAM Token

The token, which was listed on the market at around $13, is now trading at around $11.

For his part, the announcement hit the nail on the head. Indeed, in within 24 hours, the protocol saw its TVL double from $7 million to $70 million. Probably the Liquidity Mining campaign is attracting new users.

This drop occurs in the middle of “dropping season”. It was actually launched on Solana followed by Pyth Network distribution, Jupiter and finallyBe about. This could provide ideas for other protocols on Base in the coming months. To be continued.

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