Crypto companies are looking for UX specialists, here's how to get hired

Crypto companies are looking for UX specialists, here’s how to get hired

UX matters! – It is a fact that cryptocurrencies are no longer such a strange and disruptive new technology. Cryptocurrency exchanges have actually been around for over a decade. bitcoin, the king of cryptocurrencies, has been around since 2008. However, the blockchain technology that supports and sometimes generates cryptocurrencies is still largely misunderstood by the general public. In France, only 5% of the population own or have owned cryptoassets. A number that reaches 22% for funds, shares or bonds.

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Mass adoption

Blockchain technology is already penetrating many sectors. We can find there, for example, advertisements for health, culture or even real estate, thanks to smart contracts. Couple this with predictions that the global blockchain market is expected to grow from $7.18 billion in 2022 to $163.83 billion by 2029with a compound annual growth rate of 56.3% and you can begin to see the importance of better understanding for the projected mass adoption.

The economics of digital assets and cryptocurrencies is still a huge knowledge vacuum for most of the world except for a small fraction who participate full-time”. Credit to Casey Wilcox, Hatchfi’s Chief Technology Officer, for this statement. Cryptocurrency integration platform which securely connects users’ crypto accounts to any application. Kind of like them with a bank account.

There is no doubt that most newcomers to cryptocurrency and Web3 are put off by poor user experience (UX). This brings too many options and potentially harmful products. While there are many great minds behind the scenes, really smart people don’t always create the onboarding flows, leaving many users feeling overwhelmed and lost.

Casey Wilcox, Chief Technology Officer at Hatchfi

With the announced arrival of web3 and blockchain behind its announced success, complicated crypto interfaces will need to be improved. And this is where UX designers come into play.

Indeed, Wilcox argues that UX designers should be motivated to focus on crypto projects. So developers, used to responding to comments, should be able to use your knowledge in a different way.

Good UX developers should have no trouble translating their skills and orientation into the crypto space. This is fertile ground for strong developers. The technology and principles don’t really change. But you’ll see more emphasis on community and initial design.

Casey Wilcox, Chief Technology Officer at Hatchfi

His other advice for those looking to enter the industry? Know the community you’re building for (merchants, NFT collectorslong-term investors etc…) a collect as many comments as possible.

Build and design with input from your community, but ensure construction standards are met. Comments are everything.

Casey Wilcox, Chief Technology Officer at Hatchfi

Discover new opportunities in UX

Are you ready to change focus and move on to a new opportunity in a growing sector? Journal Du Coin Job Board propose thousands of UX brand opportunities for developers and product managers at companies like the five below.


Headquartered in Paris and Vierzon, with offices in the UK, US and Switzerland, Ledger is a global platform offering hardware wallets for digital assets and Web3. It is currently developing a range of products and services to enable individuals and businesses to securely buy, transfer, grow and manage crypto-assets. You can consult all Ledger job offers here.

Societe Generale

The crypto division of private bank Société Générale, SG Forge, is gaining momentum. It is one of the few institutions that accepts digital assets. It helps protocols and investors to issue and manage native digital financial products recorded on the blockchain. To find out more about job offers at Société Générale, check out this link.

Commencement of mining

Want to work at the forefront of cryptocurrency mining? Smartmining is a French cryptocurrency mining and hosting company. It allows beginners and those more experienced in digital assets to develop their own mining stations and invest in tokenless farms. Find out how you can work with Smartmining here.


Sorare sits at the intersection of sports, gaming and NFT collectibles. Using interchangeable digital cards, Sorare designs a collective fantasy football experience. Here you can manage your favorite players, perfect your passion to win prizes and be part of a thriving community. If you are interested in combining a career in digital assets and games, view job offers at Sorare here.

It’s coming

Cometh is a Web3 game studio with a mission to create next-generation blockchain games and build B2B solutions that, among other things, promote blockchain adoption in the gaming industry. It also offers blockchain white label solutions and integration expertise. Current vacancies at Cometh can be found here.

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