Ethereum: debate over gas cap increase explodes

Ethereum: debate over gas cap increase explodes

On January 10, during an AMA on Reddit, Vitalik Buterin spoke out in favor of increasing the gas limit on Ethereum. In fact, this has not been raised in almost 3 years. However, this opinion does not seem to be unanimous among Ethereum developers.

VitalĂ­k wants to increase the gas limit

Inquiry about transaction fees during the AMA, Vitalik Buterin said it would be reasonable to “slightly increase” the gas limit by 33%. As a result, it would increase from 30 to 40 million units of gas.

In practice, this would increase the maximum amount of gas that could be spent through transactions in the block. As a result, it would ensure a temporary reduction of transaction fees by limiting overload.

However, the Ethereum co-founder’s opinion seems to be the subject of developer debate.

An opinion that is not unanimous

After this AMA, the developer Marius Van Der Wijden spoke on X. This developer, who works mainly on the Geth client, published a blog article return to this potential gas limit increase.

In his article, Marius Van Der Wijden describes several difficulties related to the increase in the gas limit.

At first it worked lead to an increase in the number of uncommitted blocks. Because blocks contain more transactions, they are larger. Therefore, it can be more difficult for nodes to process these larger blocks.

Second, this could increase network latency, due to longer block processing time. This could too increase hardware requirements necessary for the operation of the node.

Finally, according to him, a higher gas limit would mean a a significant increase in chain size. This can affect sync times and storage requirements.

However, even this opinion is controversial. According to some calculations, this increase in the gas limit would result in a 1 MB block size increase in the worst case scenario. A viable situation for some, but it can have negative consequences for others.

Once this is not the norm, the community will have to continue to debate and it will be up to the validators to decide whether or not they want to increase this gas limit on a case-by-case basis.

For its part, the price of ETH continues to rise. Thus, after crossing the $2,400 mark, the token reached $2,600 on the day of January 11. According to some observers traders are reportedly positioning themselves on the potential approval of the Ethereum ETF.

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