Free tax clinics are popular with low-income households

Free tax clinics are popular with low-income households

As the tax filing deadline approaches, many organizations in Windsor-Essex are offering assistance to anyone wishing to complete their return.

In 2021, we helped more than 100 low-income people. We are currently at more than 150 peoplesays Emmanuel Tchoukou, CEO of the cooperative Diamond Multicultural Economic Cooperative Inc.

Emmanuel Tchoukou looks straight ahead.

According to Emmanuel Tchoukou, no one should be afraid to declare their income.


We expect at least 300 people to help with the 2022 declaration.

His organization is not the only one offering such free services in the region.

PUSH Bhutan Canadian Association (BCA) of Windsor-Essex says she already filed 125 tax refund claims last year. It is on track to do more in 2023.

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