Netflix takes advantage of the holidays to gain 13 million more subscribers

Netflix takes advantage of the holidays to gain 13 million more subscribers

Netflix “establishing itself as the undisputed leader in the streaming wars.” The analysis was conducted by Insider Intelligence analyst Ross Benes after the company’s quarterly results were released. The streaming platform is indeed starting 2024 with a bang after gaining more than 13 million additional subscribers over the holidays. i.e. more than 260 million subscribers in everything he has in his pocket and an ambitious investment in live sport. “Netflix beat expectations by adding 13 million subscribers worldwide, including nearly 3 million in the most saturated North American market”, he added. The California-based group, which already gained nearly 9 million subscribers over the summer, owes its spectacular growth to its stricter policy on sharing passwords between users and cheaper ad-supported subscriptions.

“We are on 23 million monthly active users» of this formula, Greg Peters, co-CEO, welcomed during the conference call. In November, Netflix announced 15 million. “Subscriber growth due to new regulation will eventually fade”, noted Ross Beneš. But according to him, the pioneer of streaming “plans to fuel audience demand by pursuing its ambitions live”. “Getting Broadcast Rights to WWE Raw Shows Netflix Is Taking This Matter Seriously”, underlined the expert. The company announced Tuesday morning that it has signed a ten-year, $5 billion broadcast deal with American professional wrestling league WWE.


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Netflix is ​​betting on wrestling

It thus gains exclusivity in the United States from 2025 Roughthe WWE flagship, which was among the top audiences on US cable TV last year. “This is the heart of our vision of sport, focused on dramaturgy”said Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of Netflix. “This represents 52 weeks of live programming each year and is part of our ambitions for more live programming”. Wrestling must also contribute to the group’s new promotional activity and “this will provide further justification for future subscription price increases”, estimated Ross Beneš. Wall Street welcomed the good news: Netflix gained more than 8% during electronic trading after the close in New York.

The streaming pioneer has achieved Fourth quarter revenue $8.8 billion (+12.5% ​​in one year), from which it generated a net profit of $938 million, slightly less than analysts’ expectations, but well above the $55 million in the same period of the previous year. And it has big ambitions for the current quarter, betting on 13% growth, or more than $9 billion in revenue and nearly $2 billion in net profit. “It seems hard to believe, but there are hundreds of millions of households that could sign up for Netflix and haven’t yet.”Greg Peters joked. “We must conquer them”.

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