R3NLT Racing Shoe5: NFT certified sneaker to put the legendary R5 at your feet

NFT RACING SHOE5: Renault race towards site 3

Finally find NFT at your feet – Remember, this was last December. Renault has unveiled its first NFT genR5 collection, a nod to the legendary Renault 5 from the 1970s. Today it’s official, the famous car brand isn’t about to put the brakes on its blockchain ambitions just yet. Renault hits the floor again on the way to site 3, but with style! The brand presents a completely new NFT collection, which combines the design of the R5 Turbo with the popularity of sneakers. What makes these shoes so popular? We tell you everything.

Le Journal du Coin brings you this promotional article in collaboration with Renault.

Renault, a technology company in the middle of an NFT exchange

Since several months, Renault set out to reconnect with its communityand please your fans. What better way to do that than to embrace this new technology gem NFT. But what is this? To summarize, a “broken token” is a certificate of authenticity issued on the blockchain. It can be associated with literally any type of product, digital format, project, passion. A digital avatar that can accompany you throughout your life, an indelible mark that you were there at the beginning of a story that needs many pages to be written.

The story of Renault and Web 3 will take root in December 2022 with the “genR5” NFT collection.. A collection that pays tribute the legendary Renault 5. Far from resting on its laurels, the French automotive flagship is constantly trying to renew itself. On the rocky road to the challenges of tomorrow, Renault is accelerating its pace towards technology, blockchain, web 3 and NFT.

“The group is transforming into a green technology company focused on energy, data and services. »

Luca de Meo, CEO of the Renault Group

After the successful first NFT collection, the company does not intend to stop there and sets off again to tour the circuit. Today, Renault is preparing to launch a the second NFT collection. In a completely new, different style, just as stylish. At the heart of this emerging Web 3, Renault is moving forward, exploring, accelerating. By embarking on the NFT line, the company wants to please its fans. His brand new project, here is a preview.

Renault sneakers that will bring you to the site 3

RACING SHOE5, a new Renault NFT project. This second one R3NLT program is neither more nor less than a collector’s edition sneakerinspired by the Renault 5 Turbo. 960 sneakerspairs of very real shoes, linked to their NFT counterpart.

The 960 copies of this limited edition NFT come with:

  • A physical pair of sneakers!
  • Second NFT “Certificate of Authenticity”. A passport that literally contains the identification card of the shoe: composition, materials, manufacturing process. This NFT is obtained through an NFC (Near Field Communication) chip placed inside the tongue of the pair of shoes that will be delivered to you.

This a pair of tennis shoes comes in 5 bespoke designs created from 5 flagship R5 Turbo models. According to our sources, 6Thursday model, more mysterious, would be in the process of co-creation with help the R3NLT community in tribute to the R5 Turbo 3E.

In short, all the features do the peculiarities of the emblematic R5 Turbo have been transposed in this unique shoe:

  • The rear tilt of the model refers to the chassis of the car
  • The interior of the sneaker is inspired by saddlery
  • Even shoelaces are like seat belts

So it is a real honor, an innovative connection of the automotive industry with the world of fashion, all supported by state-of-the-art technology. Authentication at the heart of digital through blockchain technology and NFT.

Can’t wait to get your hands, or rather the a mouse, on one of these rare pairs? Yes! But how to do it? Don’t panic! We will explain everything to you.

This NFT, along with a pair of physical sneakers and the digital passport that accompanies them, will soon go on sale in the brand’s first virtual store. A futuristic 3D universe where users can move around using an avatar!

A couple will be available for a price of €265.

But for the early fans, NFT holders the first genR5 collection and members of the R3NLT communityaccess to the sales area will be possible from next May 15.

People who pre-registered for the preview will then have access to the sale the following day, i.e May 16.

The public sale will eventually take place on the day May 17th On the page nft.renault.com.

RACING SHOE5 is proof that joining the R3NLT program means choosing a unique relationship with Renault! Living the RACING SHOE5 experience means walking through the doors of our first immersive store dedicated to our first collector’s edition sneaker, as well as having the opportunity to own the first digital twin as well as Renault’s first digital passport. »

Team Racing Shoe5 R3NLT

Strengthen your ties with Renault and enjoy a brand new immersive experience and a pair of limited edition sneakers. This is a more than pleasing prospect for fans of the brand. The French car giant is speeding towards Site 3 and isn’t going to stop there. Launched at full speed on this new technological journey, at the heart of the NFT world and the web 3it’s likely Renault decided to forget where the brake pedal is to avoid risking damage your brand new Racing Shoe5 sneakers.

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