No challenge to Hydro monopoly, says Fitzgibbon

No challenge to Hydro monopoly, says Fitzgibbon

Companies that generate their own electricity will be able to sell their surpluses to Hydro-Québec or other private consumers, but without using the public grid’s transmission lines, the Minister of Economy, Innovation and Development warned. Énergie du Québec, Pierre Fitzgibbon, in an interview with Radio-Canada.

His “unfinished” bill, which will be tabled by March, will encourage private electricity production and sales in its regulation to respond to strong demand for decarbonisation of transport and the economy, as well as for industrial projects.

You have to be flexibleexplained the minister as part of the program Midday information. Hydro-Québec needs to buy electricityhe reminded, and there are not enough megawatts for all industries that would like to receive them from the state company.

We need to support more production because we lack energy.

Dozens of wind turbines in a snowy field.

Wind turbines are already privately managed in Quebec, but they are done through tenders with Hydro-Québec, for which this production is intended.

Photo: afp via getty images / Jonathan Nackstrand

Hydro-Québec has already planned to purchase excess electricity from private Resolute Forest Products dams to meet the public grid’s needs for this winter. The minister prefers this model.

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