R3NLT Racing Shoe5: NFT certified sneaker to put the legendary R5 at your feet

R3NLT Racing Shoe5: NFT certified sneaker to put the legendary R5 at your feet

The web3 plant is running – Renault shows real performance. The French car brand is in talks to shift web3 on the ropes and its initiatives in technology and digital formats are creating a sensation. We told you about it very recently, the latest operation combines NFT, automotive design and the ultimate fashion accessory that is shoes. But not just any! A sneaker with a true Renault 5 Turbo feel, a tribute as much as an innovation, as its shape is just one of many unexpected and disruptive features. Are you ready to embrace innovation?

Le Journal du Coin brings you this promotional article in collaboration with Renault.

R3NLT RACING SHOE5, you will finally find the NFT at your feet

Let’s start by taking the first step. This new web3 offer from Renault perfectly combines reality and virtuality, see instead:

  • From May 15, 960 pairs of sneakers in NFT format will be available for sale
  • These shoes are available in 5 collections inspired by the design of the R5 Turbo and 6. developed by the community on the R5 Turbo 3E model.
  • 160 pairs make up each collection as a tribute to the car’s 160 horses.
  • It is the purchase of its digital version that will trigger the physical production of each of them.
  • This unique and numbered model will receive a digital passport to confirm ownership, detailed characteristics and verify the origin of manufacturing materials.

would you understand Great care was taken in the development of these exceptional sneaker models. In the rear slope of the shoe, you will find a very specific shape of the chassis of this car. Its interior is inspired by upholstery, down to the laces that imitate seat belts! On the other hand, all pairs are made from LWG certified leather and are offered for a single price of €265. In addition, they contain digital certification thanks to the chip present in the tab.

NFT physically integrated into the object using NFC technology

Renault, or rather R3NLT, is once again pushing the boundaries of innovation. Every pair of sneakers the collection will have an NFC chip hidden in the tongue. Once activated, you will receive proof of ownership, namely an NFT serving as a certificate of authenticity. Access to the digital passport your RACING SHOE5you will discover its unique identity, from the composition to the production process.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, a technology that allows two devices to communicate wirelessly over a short distance. As in the R3NLT sneaker, they can integrate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into physical objects. Of course, artwork, collectibles, and many other products benefit from this. When an NFT integrates an object, it becomes a physical representation of a digital asset.

The NFC tags used by Renault offer a double guarantee of resistance against unauthorized manipulation and ensuring optimal traceability RACING SHOES5 :

  • Recorded data is verified with a cryptographic signature. Therefore, the chips cannot be duplicated or copied.
  • On every scan NFC tags issue a signature guaranteeing the authenticity of the sneaker.
  • The connection between the object and its digital avatar entitles the NFT to be transferred for each new holder.
  • A unique message chosen by buyers during the initial mintage will personalize each chip.
  • Each holder will then be able to freely enrich the history of content associated with their pair.

Racing Shoe5, the web3 experience at your fingertips

As if that wasn’t enough, it’s the whole process that R3NLT wanted to anchor in the heart of the site 3. And this without neglecting the exclusive and high-end approach, which is so dear to the victim of fashion. This is why the pair is sold through Renault’s first virtual store, immersive room. This 3D showroom is a unique opportunity to enjoy a unique visual and audio experience that enters the web3 era.

Once their avatar is chosen, prospective buyers will be free to roam this virtual store straight out of a futuristic universe. Thanks to the “Try On” augmented reality filter, it will even be possible to try the sneakers on your feet.. A groundbreaking innovation that alone justifies shopping in the virtual store from May 15, tucked into the back of your sofa.

After his first foray into web3 with the GenR5 project, R3NLT continues to forge a path with original ideas that could find great success with the general public. Moreover, this first use of the combination of two innovative technologies – NFC tags and NFT – opens the way to potential applications for Renault. outside the R3NLT community. Innovations, for example, in certification, the fight against counterfeiting and the traceability of components. The brand will meet you from the 15th of June at the opening of the auction and, as is often the case, there is something for everyone…

> Official website: https://nft.renault.com/fr > Project Twitter: https://twitter.com/Renault_NFT

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