Retreeb: Much more than an innovative payment method

Retreeb: Much more than an innovative payment method

Retreeb reinvents payment – The habit of using the same services over and over again should not prevent us from seeing further. Because innovation often lies in a simple improvement with revolutionary consequences. A necessary development, from which the payment sector is no exception, especially when it is connected to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Successful merge from the Retreeb project, with the aim of bringing a responsible character to this everyday act. A noble cause that is based on a sophisticated technological approach that uses the qualities of blockchain in a unique way.

Le Journal du Coin brings you this promotional article in collaboration with Retreeb.

Payment, otherwise

Paying with a bank card is still a very common gesture. However, this procedure could be legitimately questioned due to the emergence of Web3. Not to disappear, but rather to gain real meaning.

An exercise carried out for just over a year by the ambitious French-Swiss start-up Retreeb transform these payment transactions into an act of solidarity. But also to be part of the logic of responsible consumption with a global mission to “reduce our impact on natural resources and our environment while increasing our income”.

We have discussed the first part of this quote in detail our previous articletoday we will discuss the second one in detail.

Focus on $TREEB, a tool and solidarity token

$TREEB is a utility management token within the Retreeb ecosystem. By having it, you get a vital role at the very heart of the project, especially in the matter of redistribution. Retreeb’s economic model is indeed clearly displayed: 33% of its income will be redistributed to various ecological and solidarity projects.

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If Retreeb reaches its goals in 5 years, we could donate 33% of our income i.e. EUR 77 million to projects. Only a decentralized process will allow this to be achieved transparently and avoid any risk of compromise in the allocation of these funds.

Jérémi Lepetit CEO of Retreeb.

This is where the token takes on its full meaning as it will enable 2 procedures and therefore 2 levels of decentralization. First, it will allow holders to choose fundable projects on the chain each quarter. A special platform, Charity Launchpad, is under development. In the application, users will then be able to direct funds to the project of their choice.

$TREEB rewards users who engage

It’s no secret that responsible behavior works better when it’s encouraged. The model that Retreeb is pushing postulates thatbeing generous and aware can also pay off. To implement the decision-making power granted by their $TREEB tokens, holders will be invited to delegate them to dedicated smart contracts. This will earn them voting tokens for projects of their choice called “xTreeb”. When they use them to vote, they will be rewarded with a system of earmarked returns.

Furthermore, on the sidelines of its 2023 plan, Retreeb has already announced that it wants boost motivation for your community. Two complementary mechanisms based on the deflationary approach will soon add value to the ecosystem.

1 – Currency conversion:

Retrieb is not going to stop at the eurozone. The project will eventually offer payments through many currencies. It will therefore be possible to exchange euros in the application, for example, for pounds or Swiss francs. Transfer fees will be charged to cover exchange and service costs. As before, Retreeb pledges to donate 51% of profits to buy and burn $TREEB! This deflationary approach will reduce the number of tokens in circulation, which will mechanically increase the value of each $TREEB.

2-Incremental advertising in the application:

The app already includes a news channel with native content dedicated to project funding monitoring. Many brands targeting an audience of engaged consumers will inevitably find this an ideal communication space that is true to their values. Retrieb therefore, they deploy their own management to activate this new source of potential direct income. This profit stream will be shared with all holders. Indeed, 51% of the profits will then be used to buy and burn $TREEBthereby supporting its value!

Dream tokenomics for real profit

The $TREEB token was launched in September 2021. Further to the bullrun, it reached an ATH of around $0.40 in February 2022 and entered the top 400 CoinMarketCap.

Retreeb created own platform for investors to delegate their tokens thereand generate income. This creates 3 pools with different returns and different time frames. The immediate success pushed the team to add more.

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Within a short time, all pools are full and host up to 35% of tokens in circulation. The total blocked value reaches $35 million at ATH (the highest award achieved), and above all, a huge testament to the community’s trust.

Strategic partnerships in line with project values

To serve as a springboard for its offering, Retreeb naturally chose UNITLIFE, a United Nations initiative to create a community of companies and individuals engaged in fight malnutrition during the first 1000 days of life. A commitment joined by Retreeb, making Unitlife a beneficiary of this transparent and committed approach to social responsibility.

To support this approach and to make the goals of this event known to the general cryptophilic public, the NFT Initiative was launched at the end of February at the NFT Factory.

Retreeb has quickly become one of the hottest projects within the Fantom ecosystem. Protocol leaders have since multiplied evidence of interest in this disruptive and innovative model. CEO Jérémi Lepetit was recently a guest at Fantom DC in Dubai to present his project to major investors. A plebiscite that soon caught the attention of celebrities. Formula 3 pilot Arthur Leclerc therefore supports the colors of the project:

I am delighted to be trusted by Retreeb and proud to uphold their values. Much needs to be done to improve fairness and ethics in the financial sector. The challenges are numerous and Retreeb has its place with its innovative solution.

Arthur Leclerc, Formula 3 driver

The spirit of the Retreeb project could be summed up in a single term: “democratization”. An approach coupled with a very clear vision of what this commitment means on a technical level. Challenge? “making the blockchain invisible to end users” as part of mass adoption. But also social and solidarity dimension intended to “transform the act of payment into an act of responsibility”. That’s all it offers you Retreeb application. All you have to do is try it out.

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