Retreeb: Much more than an innovative payment method

Retreeb, the responsible choice for your everyday payments

Retreeb, Means of Change – It serves the things that are close to us without spending a single penny a unique solution from Retreeb. An innovative, efficient and altruistic payment service previewed in the city of Tours. A successful preparatory phase before immediate deployment across France and Europe. Let’s discover the first player to redistribute 33% of the commissions they charge to good causes.

Le Journal du Coin brings you this promotional article in collaboration with Retreeb.

Blockchain as an infrastructure for an alternative payment method

Multiply good deeds every day without realizing it. That’s the power of the value proposition Retrieb. Completely transparent payment method which is an alternative to conventional solutions such as our bank cards. And if the principle remains to pay for our purchases every day, the system, as well as its purpose, is very different.

Operationally, with Retreeb, yes QR code which is in the center of attention. A payment gateway still little used in our society, but still very common in the cryptocurrency world. When paying, the merchant generates a dedicated QR code for you, which you scan using the app on your smartphone. And what’s more, it’s paid for.

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This unique payment system relies on recognized partners:

  1. Intergiro EME for fiat transactions (euro, dollar), leader v Banking as a service Swedish
  2. PUSH Phantom blockchain for timestamp transactions and their auditing, interoperability with Polygonthe second layer of the Ethereum network, is also planned road map

Retreeb also has a management token, the TREEon the Fantom blockchain.

With this type of solution, slowly but surely, blockchain services continue to penetrate into the heart of our daily lives. Soon they will be everywhere and we will be using them without even realizing it.

“The success of democratizing blockchain technology depends on the ability of applications to make blockchain invisible to end users. Retreeb is a service designed for mass adoption and therefore reduces any technical friction for its users. »

Jérémi Lepetit, CEO and co-founder of Retreeb

This unique solution aimed at traders as for consumers, but will soon be deployed within major brands and online stores.

Retreeb when your daily actions help a good cause

Regarding the purpose of Retreeb service, it is also significantly different from our conventional payment methods. Because the company places associations that are close to us at the center of its activities. How? By donating 33% of the costtaken from merchants for the offered payment service, to charitable and ecological work. These vary depending on the type of business, between 0.9% and 1.5%. Little is known, but all the shops and supermarkets they use TPE (credit card payment interface) pays high fees for the service provided.

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With Retreeb, a third of these fees for each purchase is redistributed to a cause of your choice, among local associations or NGOs. It doesn’t cost you a cent and allows you to support the association in their day-to-day activities. Retreeb is remarkable UNCDF initiative partner: Unitlife, which fights against chronic child malnutrition in Niger. The company also supports local projects based in the Touraine region:

  • Barkluggage storage in the solidarity cafe
  • Expensive plasticspecializing in the recycling of untreated plastics
  • Utopia 56assistance with the transportation of unaccompanied minors
  • Recreation in the grassan initiative to deconcrete elementary school playgrounds

Powered by this Franco-Swiss startup that grew up 1.7 million dollars in February 2022, it may well be that our economic system will re-emerge in favor of good things. Retrieb it manages to combine the of both worlds: the world of finance and the world of things to be financed. Without spending a single penny, with just a small change in our payment habits, we will be able to support associations that work every day to respond to many social and environmental challenges.

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