Roger Federer's image damaged in Switzerland?  The edges of his sneaker brand are controversial

Roger Federer’s image damaged in Switzerland? The edges of his sneaker brand are controversial

Edges sports shoe brand On Runningsold as sneakers Roger Federerhave been making waves in Switzerland since the consumer magazine reveal the difference between their buying price in Vietnam and selling prices in Switzerland. Swiss magazine Ktipp published a survey last week that checked the customs records of around thirty models to compare them with the sales prices on the brand’s website in Switzerland.

For example, a Swiss brand pays for a model called “Roger vyhoda”. 17.86 Swiss francs (18.89 euros) from manufacturers in Vietnam. There is this model on its website in Switzerland sold for 190 francs, “more than ten times its production costs”highlights the magazine, which states that the Swiss brand’s margins are even higher than those of competitors such as Adidas or Puma.

Popular with athletes, the Swiss brand was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2021 and counts tennis champion Roger Federer among its shareholders. The company – with a turnover of 1.2 billion Swiss francs in 2022 – makes high-performance sports shoes with a sole that should impress “running on the clouds”according to the brand slogan.

Mark “does not disclose or comment on commercially sensitive or confidential information”she said in an email to AFP, however, she confirmed “Numbers published in the media last week contained inaccurate information”.


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The brand was founded in 2010

The Swiss magazine’s investigation sparked numerous reactions in the country of the tennis champion who holds the record for the number of Wimbledon victories. “Sustainable management consists in the fair sharing of the fruits of value creation”responded Oliver Cassen, spokesman for the non-governmental organization Public Eye, for AFP. “If the brand company’s sales margin is so much greater than the shoe factory’s”added, “then the balance is not good”added a spokeswoman for this NGO, which regularly publishes reports on working conditions in the fashion and clothing industry.

The brand was created in 2010 by Swiss duathlon champion Olivier Bernhard, who with an engineer from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich developed a system for shock absorption during a race. The founders of this Zurich company contacted Roger Federer after seeing him with one of their models on his leg and offered to invest in the company.

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