Salaries: Here's what CAC 40 executives actually make

Salaries: Here’s what CAC 40 executives actually make

French consulting firm People Base CBM published a study on the remuneration of CAC 40 executives on Tuesday. The survey reveals the salaries of CEOs and general managers and shows that their level varies. Including rare direct expenses and other guarantees, the fixed remuneration reaches on average 1,329,000 euros per year for Directors-General and €1,274,000 for Directorates-General, i.e. a total average of €1,291,700 per year and €100,000 per month. Depending on the companies, the differences are significant. The CEO of Thales receives the lowest fixed salary of the CAC 40 leaders with almost 850,000 euros per year, while the head of Teleperformance earns almost 2,500,000 euros.

This difference is also a trend among general managers. The lowest salary is on the home side Michelin with €700,000 in compensation for its CEO, while Vivendi’s chairman has an annual sum of €2 million. The variable salary, consisting mainly of bonuses for goals and commissions, is set as a percentage of the fixed salary and can be higher. CEO of Stellantis rises up to more than 7 million euros per yearwhile the director of Société Générale settled for a ceiling set at €313,000.


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Almost 30 million euros for the CEO of Dassault

According to the study, the average long-term compensation for CAC 40 executives is more than 3 million euros per year, a figure well above the 5 million for CEOs. The chairman of Dassault Système has the highest long-term compensation with almost 30 million euros per year. For CEOs, the average falls just below 2 million euros.

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The total remuneration of CEOs is therefore on average higher 9,200,000 euros per yearwhile CEOs do 5,200,000 euros per year. The study states that this amount of compensation corresponds to approximately one hundred years of the average salary of an employee.

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