Staking on Ethereum: MetaMask offers management of your validation node

Staking on Ethereum: MetaMask offers management of your validation node

MetaStake. Since its blockchain’s historic transition to Proof of Stake (PoS) staking out has become an independent activity in the ecosystem Ethereum. Because this passive investment option allows you to do just that reap substantial returns. However, the success of the versions presented as “liquid” brings certain problems of structural fragility in terms of effective decentralization of its network. Situations faced by the brand new Validator Staking option MetaMask wallet proposes to provide a concrete and simplified solution.

Ethereum bets: between passive returns and structural risks

THE cryptocurrency bets has become one of the main activities of lovers passive digital returns. And suffice it to say that in this area the Ethereum blockchain is the leader.

An activity that still requires hold 32 ETH (not far from $80,000) to own a full validator node. However, shared options they exist for the smallest carriers. At the center of this dynamic, the “liquid” version of the Lido protocol and its stETH tokens reusable in DeFi.

But as always, the fever of cryptocurrency returns will drive you crazy. That is until the birth critical overlap options, built above Liquid Staking. Reality Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin pointed out. Because this can represent several big risks in connection with the decentralization of its network.

The context in which MetaMask wallet presents itself as a gateway that is both secure and simplified. That in order to participate in this Web 3 experience in the company “ more than 565,000 validators each bet 32 ​​standard ETH ie more than 32 billion dollars at current prices.”

Market for full node validators (32 ETH) to which wallet MetaMask is specifically aimed at. Because Consensysat the birth of its development, it has just launched a service called Validator Staking. That, when she specified at the same time that “no never received severe sanctions in over two years of operation, despite managing over $2 billion in ETH with over 33,000 validators.”

“Introducing Validator Staking in the MetaMask portfolio. With a deposit of 32 ETH we run your own validator node where you are always in control. No sharing. No hardware. Just rewards. »


A service whose reported performance is currently set to 3.8% per annum. But we must not forget to add to that 10% commission accepted MetaMask wallet on perceived rewards. Because advertised simplicity always comes at a price in the cryptocurrency sector… as elsewhere.

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