There are three exciting blockchain jobs to discover this week

There are three exciting blockchain jobs to discover this week

Blockchain technology has the ability profoundly transform business and enterprise models as well as in the labor market. For example, it can be used for transaction authentication and traceability. In addition, it offers the possibility of reorganizing supply chains and can serve as a platform for smart contracts. It can even help verify the origin of the product. A development that does not come without offering great opportunities.

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Blockchain, technology for simplification

Its scope goes far beyond that bitcoin (BTC) or cryptocurrencies only. So, Lawrence Landelooscompany founder OneGridwhich aims to make NFTs more accessible, he said :

“I am convinced that blockchain can transform business models and even entire organizational models. »

Landeloos believes the technology is currently too complex, but that will change quickly.

“In the same way that code-free solutions like WordPress and Wix democratized website creation, we want to radically lower the barrier to experimentation with blockchain technology. The more we experiment, the more we will see useful concepts emerge. »

Exponential market growth

The global blockchain market is already valued at $7.18 billion in 2022. It is expected to reach $163.83 billion by 2029, representing a CAGR of 56.3%.

Although it may not seem like it, blockchain technology is already widely used in the financial field in a broad sense. Indeed, is notable for payments, fund transfers, digital identity and asset management. It also finds natural application in the development and management of supply chains. It therefore offers better traceability, greater transparency and increased accountability.

There are many other applications, especially in real estate, education, retail and gaming, healthcare, etc. Although the potential applications are still developing, it is clear that blockchain jobs are booming.

Journal Du Coin Jobs has selected three jobs in the blockchain sector

The types of positions you can find include many profiles. Node operators, software developers (especially those who code in C++), solution architects and project managers… Opportunities abound.
New positions will be created in the near futuresuch as a smart contract audit or an environmental specialist to develop strategies to reduce the carbon footprint of blockchain networks.

There are already many positions to be filled, such as the three jobs below. They were selected among other career opportunities in the blockchain sector that can be found at Journal du Coin Jobs.

JavaScript Software Engineer – Live Devices, LEDGER, Paris

Ledger Nano keys secure more than 20% of the world’s cryptographic assets. The French unicorn has a team of more than 900 professionals who develop various products and services that enable individuals and businesses to buy, store, exchange, develop and securely manage cryptoassets.

To support its growth, Ledger is looking for a Javascript software engineer.

You will need to have at least three years of software development experience, proficient in JavaScript and TypeScript, and have a strong background/interest in algorithm development and optimization, as well as good knowledge of React and hooks.
More details about this offer here.

FullStack Developer (ReactJS/NodeJS), Cometh, Paris

It’s coming is a web3 game studio whose mission is to create next-generation blockchain games and build B2B solutions to support blockchain adoption in the gaming industry.

Looking for a FullStack Developer (ReactJS/NodeJS) with front-end development experience with ReactJS (React Hooks / Api Context / Redux / Reag-router and Webpack), experience with MaterialUI and/or tailwind as well as experience with Typescript, GraphQL API and TDD. Experience with Web3 development a interest in Defi, cryptography and the Ethereum ecosystem would be a big plus.
Apply for this position here.

JavaScript Developer – Wallet Crypto Security, EasyPartner, Paris

If you want to join an ambitious project from its inception and take responsibility for architecture and development, EasyPartner has designed an innovative solution that addresses 99% of security threats and is looking for a JavaScript Developer – Security Wallet Crypto.

The position is very varied as you will be 80% frontend, 20% backend, with a touch of project management. You will develop the front-end on the wallet, set up the entire product development chain and enhance it with your vision. You will need at least five years of JavaScript development experiences well as cryptocurrency development experience.

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