Tracking system and other premiums for policyholders.

Tracking system and other premiums for policyholders.

Insurance companies require their customers to install a GPS tracking system on their car, which is considered a high risk of theft, or face hundreds of dollars in additional costs.

Radio-Canada obtained copies of letters from four different insurance companies sent to customers. In all cases, car owners are informed that their vehicle is considered a vehicle high risk flight.

Companies offer policyholders two options: install a geolocation system selected by the insurer and offered by a single vendor, or pay an additional premium of up to $500.

These surcharges have been approved by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA). In an email to Radio-Canada, he says companies must be supported by sufficient and detailed evidence of the existence of an increased risk.

Contacted insurers refuse to confirm which vehicles are on the list at risk, but point out that the list of the 10 most stolen vehicles is published by the Équité association, which represents the insurance industry.

List of the most frequently stolen vehicles in Canada.

Every year, the Association for Insurance Crime compiles a list of the vehicles most often targeted by thieves.

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The list includes almost exclusively pickup trucks and utility vehicles, led by the Honda CRV.

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